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2 August 2015

Body-Mind coaching is the practice of a fellow Women Mean Biz member, Julie Nicholls.

Julie is both conventionally (RGN) and Complementary therapy trained. She provides care that: ‘encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.’

Body-Mind coaching info

Body-Mind coaching

What Julie does is actually rather difficult to describe – even when you’ve experienced it first hand. I recently attended a talk ‘The first day of the rest of your life’ given by Julie in her practice which was an absolutely fascinating experience. And – I think fair to say – healing too.

Talk about it

Julie runs her talks on a regular basis to demonstrate different aspects of what she does. They are a really great way to find if what she does can help you. More information about them can be found on this area of her website: 

The next one is the 14th Sept and focuses on the neck and shoulders: ‘For most people tension is held in the shoulders and causes pain in the neck and headaches.  Many people stretch their arm forward to ease the tension yet this is the opposite of what you need to to solve shoulder pain and tension.  Find out how to easing tension and improving round shouldered posture easily and without going to the gym. Learn some simple techniques you an use anywhere any time.’  If you think this would be of help and interest to you then you can book by following this link:

What Julie does

Julie’s approach to healing is to take the mind and the body as a symbiotic entity – which indeed they are – and use an unconventional approach to helping her clients deal with pain, stress, poor posture – all manner of intangibles that have physical effects – in an unconventional way.

The first thing to stress about Julie’s work is that it’s not a massage. What she does is beyond/different and way better than massage. As it says on her website: 

‘Treatments, Products, Education and Workshops for health and happiness, naturally! Pain and stress relief that goes beyond the depth of massage alone.’

Julie Nicholls - Body-Mind coaching

Julie Nicholls – Body-Mind coaching

Taking the mind and body as one Julie acknowledges and works with the belief – I’d say fact – that there’s a strong correlation between physical pain and mental ‘stuff’. ‘Stuff’ will always out one way or another – whether with mental health problems for physical problems:

‘Many people come to see me because they experience pain, usually physical. However mind and body are not disconnected and pain causes stress just as much as stress causes the body to tighten and increase pain. Physical pain is often the last resort for the body after it has been sending other signs of dis-ease that have been ignored. Whether you are dealing with physical or emotional pain I will use both body / physical and mind approaches to help improve your condition as it is important for you to know how to relax to help you deal with any upsetting emotions.’ Read more here:

The Pareto Principle

An Italian economist called Vilfredo Pareto coined what he called the 80/20 rule. This rule, Pareto’s principle, observed that 80 percent of income in Italy was received by only 20 percent of the population. But this principle is not only applicable to economics or even business. It’s a general rule of thumb that 80 percent of outcomes can be attributed to 20 percent of causes – for any given event.

So when you are feeling stressed/angry/frustrated or whatever it might be – the chances are that 80 percent of that negative emotion can only be directly attributed to 20 percent of what you see as the cause. The rest of it … well … Put another way: You have an argument with your partner. You THINK you are upset about the thing that happened to cause the argument. But it’s likely that what  you are really upset about is other ‘stuff’.

Stress is our response to a sense of a lack of control – NOT the event in itself. So the opposite of that – relaxed – is letting go. Letting go of the ‘should-ing’.

Julie talked about so much during this evening that I can’t possibly express it all here.  But I think I can best sum up why you might find Julie and her methods helpful in one word: INSANITY.


 Albert Einstein allegedly (it’s not proven) defined insanity thus: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ And if you keep doing the thing you’ve always done you’ll keep getting the result you’ve always got – ever decreasing circles…

But you can break that pattern. You can get past that feeling of being stuck. And Julie can help you to do it. Her testimonials speak for themselves. Here’s one:“Julie is unique in what she does. You have to try it to find out – but be prepared to get amazing results. I did! Thanks Julie.” Simon West,  Events Director at Venues of Distinction

Each Body~Mind Coaching session will include a range of therapies and approaches  chosen specifically to help you reach your goal as easily and quickly as possible.

Feel FREE from fear, pain, stress, anger, guilt and live the life you want!

Julie offers a free thirty minute consultation and offers a money-back guarantee on agreed programmes. So y’know you’ve got nothing to lose except for pain, feelings of stress and anxiety – and much, much more.

To find out more visit Julie’s website:

Find her on Facebook: or check out her YouTube channel:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1793 495551





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