Mosaic homage to the Magic Roundabout

Swindon’s Magic Roundabout is the stuff of traffic legend and lore and Swindonians are very proud of it. Whether, like Marmite, you love it or hate it – well you certainly can’t ignore it.

As an adopted Swindonian I share this affection for the Magic Roundabout and why wouldn’t I? It has been a rich seam of material for this blog, so much so that it has its own section on Born again Swindonian, and it even helped me to a 1st class English degree via the imagined guide-book entry I wrote about it for a travel writing module I did at university.

It’s been celebrated by many people in many different ways. Swindon-grown band XTC featured it in their 1981 track ‘English Roundabout’:

‘ … all the horns go ‘beep! beep!’

All the people follow like sheep,

I’m full of light and sound,

Making my head go round, round.’

It’s been immortalised in tart form by Mike Pringle and in cake form by Little Miss Cakemaker and has been used as the symbol of Swindon’s poetry festival. For more on that see here:

But now this traffic guzzling behemoth has another incarnation. Lynette Thomas of Artkore Mosaics has created a really fabulous mosaic homage to the Magic Roundabout which beautifully nods at the TV programme from which it takes its name. I’m a fan of Lynette’s work and have bought a couple of her small pieces from Artsite and the Post Modern at No 9 Theatre Square so I absolutely love this piece. I like it, I want it, don’t give me any other.

The mosaic Magic Roundabout is currently on display on the 2nd floor of the Central Library at Regent Circus so do go and have a look at it as my photos are not amazing – it was a bit tricky with the lights reflecting on the glass cabinet.

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