31 January 2015

This post is by way of share of a blog post from the splendid people at Swindon Heritage magazine that’s giving a shout out to the forthcoming exhibition, in Old Town’s VuDu coffee shop, of works but the Old Town Garden’s artists group. One of it’s leading lights, the very lovely Caroline Day, wrote a guest post for Born again Swindonian last year about the group and its inspiration – you can read that here.  So that, in and of itself’ is a good reason to link to it and to share it here. But aside from that it has a few nice photographs that are worth a peek – some new – and some not so new courtesy of the Swindon Society.

I’m looking forward to attending the exhibition – I love Caroline’s work, and indeed the work of Terry Humphries and Susan M Carr. Susan is, amongst other things, a ‘Plein Air’ artist. Read more about their work and indeed about the wealth of artistic talent in the town here.

Here’s the link to the blog post by Swindon Heritage: Picture this at the Town Gardens – Swindon Heritage.

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