Tuesday 7th January 2014 Hello listeners. I’ve posted on here many times about the wealth of artistic and creative talent in this town. It runs the gamut from Ken White to David Bent both of whom are artists with an international reputation in their fields. But there’s just about everything imaginable in between in Swindon’s artistic cornucopia with the activities of the people at Artsite Ltd and the Old Town Gardens artist group to name but two. But of course I’m not the only person in Swindon that takes an interest in and writes about the talent of the town. The good people of Swindon Heritage Magazine also beat the drum.  Thus this post is really by way of sharing a blog post from their website – you’ll see the link below. As they point out, it’s a crying shame that none of Ken’s much sought after work is included in the Borough’s otherwise very fine art collection. Hence they have now fulfilled an ambition to own two of his works which they intend to put to good use. But you can read more of that in their blog post: When heritage meets art – Swindon Heritage.

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