… Bringing inspiration to families of children with special needs

Hello listeners, you may have got the impression that business, events and the business world are dominating my thoughts at the moment. And you’d be right – with good reason though. I wrote recently about how I came to be venturing into self-employment with my post about AA Editorial Services. And this guest post from Alison Thompson – aka ‘The Proof Fairy’  also has connections with Swindon’s business community in that she has been supported in this event by Ant Hodges of the Business Success Academy and by the Athena Network in Highworth. It’s also by way of a comment on what many of us know – which is just how many great people there are in Swindon. Something I’ve always known but am constantly having reinforced as I attend business networking.

So now to Alison’s words about this special day for the parents of children with ADHD:

“A few months ago, my friend and business mentor Ant Hodges (of the Business Success Academy Swindon) suggested I put on a “little event” to launch my new business. I was about to qualify as a life coach and NLP Practitioner and wanted to work with parents of children who have ADHD. Being the parent of such a child myself, it’s the area I know best, the area I’ve written a book about (The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD) and the area I feel passionate about. But put on an event? I wasn’t so sure …

Five days later I’d booked a venue – Lydiard House Conference Centre – and six speakers. This “little event” wasn’t quite so little any more!

Living in Faringdon, I had my pick of major towns to host the event – Oxford, Reading, Newbury … but for some reason Swindon seemed the natural choice. For a start, it’s the town I visit most, whether that’s for shopping, entertainment or business. I’m also a member of several Facebook groups for Swindon parents, so I knew plenty of mums who were likely to attend the event. And then there was the venue itself – I’ve visited Lydiard House on many an occasion and always been impressed by the building, the staff and the catering – mmm yummy! I wanted to give “my” parents a fun day out, a bit of a treat – and Lydiard House seemed to fit the bill.

Plans for my ADHD Inspiration Day (not a conference – that sounds far too boring!) got underway. But ticket sales were slow – non-existent, almost – and I got the feeling the very reasonable price was considered too expensive. And then, all of a sudden, people started whispering about Swindon. “Hmmm, tried to run an event in Swindon last year. Couldn’t get anyone interested,” I heard from more than one person. “I’d never even attempt to do anything in Swindon,” someone else said. “Why don’t you think about moving it to Oxford or Bristol instead?”

Poor old Swindon. What has the town, or its people, done to deserve such a reputation? I have no idea. But I persevered. I was determined my event was going to work, and I booked more speakers, and ran a crowd-funding project to create funds to give away some tickets. That raised over £2000 – helped in no small part by a Swindon business group, the Athena Network at Highworth. Applications poured in for the funded places, word got around that something was going on and slowly but surely ticket sales increased too.

As I write this there ‘s just over a week to go to the big event. I’ve been in the Advertiser and Link magazine, on Jack FM and Swindon 105.5. A dozen expert speakers will be descending on Lydiard House next week to inspire 75 people – mainly parents and carers, but a few teachers too – to support children with ADHD in new and effective ways. And I will be launching my coaching business at the event too, closely followed by a six-week support programme for parents at Sanford House in November. It’s going to be an incredible day, and I’ve already been asked about running similar events in different locations. Who knows, maybe this could become an annual, twice annual, regular event on a national basis!

But it started in Swindon. I made it happen, despite the reputation … and I’ll never regret that.”


ADHD Inspiration Day: http://adhdkids.org.uk/adhd-inspiration-day/

ADHD Kids: http://adhdkids.org.uk

The Boy From Hell book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1482755122

Business Success Academy: http://www.businesssuccessacademy.co.uk/

Athena Highworth (East Swindon): http://theathenanetwork.co.uk/RachelOKennedy/highworth-east-swindon/