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How I came to be venturing into self-employment 

Hello listeners. Just for a change here’s a blog post about me, myself and I – in my other hat as AA Editorial Services: 

Back in 2010 I found myself in the position of having early retirement. This was a situation which had its advantages, such as being able to go exploring new avenues, but the downside of course was, and is, the hit on income when the state pension is still some years away.

One of the aforementioned avenues I explored was to go off to university as a full-time, and very mature, student to pursue a degree course in English and English Language. This lovely sunny 2014 summer saw me complete my degree and graduate with a 1st class BA Hons. 🙂

But, now aged 58, with eight years to go before I can access my state pension and realising that job prospects are limited I have set out on a new venture into self-employment.

In a shrinking and increasingly competitive job market necessity has become the mother of invention. With an English language degree under my belt, attendance at Outset Swindon’s startup courses, experience as a regular blogger at and experience writing digital copy gained while at uni, I now have the tools to offer a range of editorial services, as well an insight into the use of social media, all of which are useful to businesses and individuals who need to convey information through the written word.

Don’t let simple writing errors cost a fortune

As I say on my website,, no document is too small or insignificant to benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. The brain is very clever at seeing what it knows should be there, rather than what is actually written on the paper or the screen. It’s something I learned fast when writing essays during my studies. And I often miss mistakes in my own writing on this blog – simply because I’m too close to it.  It’s far easier to pick up errors in work done by others than by oneself. I have recently joined the Society for Proofreaders and Editors and they stress the impossibility of proofreading one’s own work.

Anyone can benefit from a proofreading or stylistic editing service. Whether you are a student working on an all-important assignment, a café owner designing leaflets and menus or you are a business person writing an important business communication, you will want to make the right impression. And that’s where I can help by being your fresh pair of eyes.

Though undoubtedly important, I recognise that such services can be expensive so I’m offering a small discount to students with a valid NUS card,  as well as flexible terms for start-up businesses.  Having been first one and now the other, I appreciate the value of such things.

So don’t be tempted to send those leaflets to the printers or self-publish that book without getting your writing checked for mistakes. Errors are both costly and damaging to the image you’re trying to project. Contact me at AA Editorial Services on 07732 681881.


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