Friday 3rd October

Eggelicious, that purveyor of  wraptastic #slowfoodfast, in the covered market is expanding and their new outlet, E2, in Wood Street will soon be open. And Old Town is, I gather from social media, pretty eggcited about it. I was delighted to be invited to an open evening last night at E2 so this post is largely by way of sharing some photographs of the evening which was great fun.

Eggelicious and E2 is very much a family affair with everyone in the family being involved in the business one way and another. Whether it’s fish marinading, designing flyers or being behind the stove they all contribute to it. Which I think is really, rather great. They are lovely people all of them and they have a lovely team of staff working with them so I’m sure E2 will be a huge success. I certainly hope so. It will certainly add another dimension to the already varied food and drink available in Old Town.

E2 is not quite finished yet but my really rather terrible photos will give you a flavour of what we can all look forward to. The evening concluded with the cutting of yet another fabulous cakey creation from the mixing bowl of Little Miss Cakemaker.

It’s a wrap Jim: but not as we know it!  it's a wrap jim


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