Tuesday 23rd September

I popped into Eggelicious today, as is my wont,  and fell into conversation with an interesting chap who works at the royal commission for hysterical monuments over near STEAM and the Outlet Centre – and there may well be a blog post in there somewhere – but to return to the raison d’être of this particular blog post… Sharing the counter and ‘breaking bread’ with your neighbour is very much what Eggelicious and its new sister ship E2, soon to open in Wood Street, is all about. If you haven’t yet eaten at this establishment and you are more of a frequenter of Old Town than the town centre then you will soon get the Eggelicous experience up there.  If you can’t wait till then – get down to the covered market. You’re unlikely to regret it.

There was a printout of a recent Trip Advisor review of the establishment left on the counter and this very insightful reviewer described the food in Eggelicious as, and I quote, “great fresh soulfull street food priced accordingly, not heartless cheap fast food prepared by robots from a soul-less conglomerate served by zombies who really don’t want to be there”.  Awesome. And so true. Bogbadger you have a great way with words. I salute you!

I’m not going to quote the review word for word – you can find it on Trip Advisor if you’re interested – but suffice to say that it was very well written, insightful and even entertaining.  He/she even brilliantly addressed a couple of previous reviewers, who had, shall we say, been a little less than flattering in their observations about Eggelicious. I particularly liked the cutting riposte to the reviewer who had clearly complained that Ash (the owner) and his staff weren’t wearing gloves to prepare and serve the food. Co-incidentally, wearing my other hat as AA Editorial Services*, I’ve recently been doing some research on food related quotations and who do I find that wrote something oh so very appropriate for this situation? None other than R Will of course:

Romeo and Juliet: Act 4, Scene 2: Tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.

NOT that Ash and his crew lick their fingers! Heaven forfend that anyone think I’m suggesting they do or that they should.  The point being that it’s not a crime against humanity of epic proportions to cook food with bare hands. Does anyone think that, when receiving a plate of exquisitely arranged food in a smart restaurant, it’s been acheived with utensils? Clearly the reviewer in question leaned to that train of thought.

Anyway, the news that we can enjoy Ash’s wraptastic street-food fayre at either end of town has to be good. His garam masala chicken is, quite simply, Ambrosia. I love all his food but that one is my absolute fave flavour. It’s worthy of a last meal for a condemned man.

So all best wishes to Ash and his team with the opening of E2. It will be eggstraordinary I have no doubt. 😉

*Okay, brace yourselves listeners, shameless plug coming up: As I totter around the town visiting and passing by cafes, pubs and what-not I come across – with all-too-depressing frequency – on menus, leaflets, blackboards and the like – apostrophe atrocities, grammar gremlins and punctuation paucity.  Now these may be typos or it  may be that English is not the originator’s first language – there may be all sorts of perfectly good reasons for the errors. But whatever the reasons might be – it doesn’t look good and it really doesn’t give the best impression. So before you send that leaflet to the printer why don’t you get it proofread? It’ll be cheaper in the long-run. Have a look at my website – http://www.aaedits.co.uk–  for more information on how I might help you with my proofreading services. Don’t be the restaurant that describes themselves as a ‘dinning experience like no other’. And yes, I’ve actually seen that.


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