… not in Brazil but here in Swindon it seems. There’s bean (see what I did there?) a fair amount of coverage in the local media recently about the number of coffee shops appearing in Swindon. There’s certainly a plethora of Costa outlets. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against Costa and do use them – though I don’t think the coffee is as good as it was when they first appeared on our High Streets – but they’ve sure as hell become ubiquitous. I’m even partial to a McDonald’s coffee if that’s what’s on offer – it’s really not at all bad. But wherever possible I’d rather support an independent. And in such establishments Swindon is especially blessed.

My absolute fave in the town centre for years now has been the Piri Piri on Havelock Street. Now this place has recently changed hands and name and is now called Luso Cafe. It’s still Portuguese and the coffee is still damn good but I’m not entirely sure it’s quite as good as it was. But don’t take my word for it – do try it yourself. I’m also sad that the wonderful Portuguese tapas are no longer available. It seems to be more main meals at lunchtime and that’s it. 🙁   However, everything is a trade-off is it not and the place has had a lovely piff-up and I won’t deny it needed it. It now looks so much smarter. AND there’s a bigger choice of cakes available – not just the Natas – AND they do the Portuguese bread roll thing stuffed with chorizo which I love. Plus the prices are very reasonable. A large black Americano is £1.80 and a Natas is £1.20. Jolly good value indeed methinks.

Another favourite of mine when I’m over near the Outlet Centre is the 2Wins on Rodbourne Road. Another Portuguese establishment, this place has a wonderful selection of home-made (not bought in) Portugues baked goods. It’s worth making the effort to get to.

Currently creating a stir in Old Town is the groovy and hipster Baila Coffee and Vinyl and now we have the newest kid on the block Dark Room Espresso on Faringdon Rd. I haven’t as yet done a proper blog post about them but below are a few photos to give you a flavour. The couple running it are very lovely and I wish them every success.

But of course there are many,many more. Cafe Gusto and Cafe Art in Old Town both have their charms. As do them all and no doubt you’ve all got your own favourites. So here’s to  your coffee cup! May they all flourish and keep Swindon’s ever growing coffee scene full of beans!

Sunday 21st September – Bargain of the week

Yesterday I was out and about roaming around town and Old Town . I’d walked into town from home, a good hour’s walk, so was ready for a cup of coffee by the time I got there. Having heard from a friend that da Paolo Italian delicatessen on Commercial Rd did a good coffee I decided to head there and give it a go. She wasn’t wrong. Now as the name implies this place isn’t a cafe or a coffee shop but an Italian delicatessen selling all sorts of wonderful things. I bought a lovely roll there to take away with me which was stuffed with Parma ham and sun dried tomatoes and lots of splendid things. But as an extra service they do coffee. There’s a little table out on the pavement – okay it’s Commercial Rd not Brussesls but hey – so I sat there with a VERY nice coffee and two delicious little pastry things – see the pictures below – for £1.70. For everything. Yes listeners you heard that correctly. £1.70. So that was £1 for the coffee and £0.70 for the two sweet titbits. Is that great value or is that great value? I am in awe.

 May 2015: and now there’s another new kid on the coffee block in the form of @TheHub  – also clients of Outset Swindon these guys offer a different experience as they are also a cycle repair and retail ship. You’ll find them down on Fleet Street. putting pedal power into your cup: https://swindonian.me/2015/03/08/pedal-power-in-a-cup-thehub/

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