I was up at the Richard Jefferies museum again this morning. I’ve written about the place before here so this post is largely to share some snaps I took around the garden while I was up there and also to make a plea:

Over the summer months the museum is putting on cream teas in the garden and in the indoor tea room on Sundays and Mondays. I hope from the photos you can see how charming the place is. The kitchen is all beautifully organised now with neat shelves of cafetieres, mugs and vintage china. But what they really, really need now – especially with the school holidays up and coming – is someone that can give up Sunday afternoons from say, 2-5 – to really drive the teas – to project manage it if you will. Obviously this is a voluntary role but there’s a budget to pay travel expenses.  So of there’s anyone out there that’s a frustrated tea shop owner and would like to help with this, then Mike Pringle is your man. He can be contacted on: x 07768 917466

Mike and others are working hard to spread the Richard Jefferies gospel and to raise the profile of the museum so if anyone can help with this that would be fantastic. I’ve been up a couple of times on Mondays but have been frustrated by things getting in the way.  Here’s that number again: Mike Pringle – 07768 917466.



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