Cosmic Ordering made easier: local writer nominated for national award

I was at a business networking thing last night – now I’m no longer a student 🙁  I’m setting up a proofreading/editing/copywriting business in order to earn a crust. And there I met a local lady Ellen Watts, who has written a book called ‘Cosmic Ordering Made Easier’. Okay, so whilst Swindon is very nearly at the centre of the universe, you can be forgiven for wondering what the town has to do with cosmic ordering and even what cosmic ordering is. To take the first point – well, actually nothing directly except that:

Ellen and her book have been nominated for a national award in the ‘Author/blogger’ category by Damsels in Success, which is, and I quote: ‘the leading transformational network for the female entrepreneur (or any women who works for herself or who wants to). Damsels in Success was founded in Warwick in 2008, expanded nationally in 2010 and is now in multiple locations throughout the UK.’  Visit their website to find out more.

Understandably enough Ellen is mighty excited about this nomination.  And why not? As someone said to me recently, ‘we often don’t celebrate our own achievements nearly enough’. Therefore, as she’s local and enjoying the fruits of her work,  I see no reason not to give her a mention here. And y’know, whatever your feelings about her material, it’s the ‘thing’ that matters. You get my drift I’m sure. 🙂

Should you be interested in Ellen’s work and wish to vote for her you can do so by following this link.  A word to the wise though, voting closes on Sunday 29th June.

Okay, cosmic ordering then. What it’s about? According to that fount of all-knowledge (sometimes) Wikipedia it’s a name given to a version of positive thinking, renamed by a German lady,  Bärbel Mohr. It was her belief that one can simply write down a wish list and wait for it to become reality. It seems though the concept goes back further than Mohr. Similar ideas were popularised in the 1930s by Napoleon Hill.

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