Sunday 25th May 2014

#BAS Born again Swindonian is a year old.

Well! Would you believe it? Born again Swindonian is a year old now. I’m afraid I can’t recall my exact birthday but it was round about this date last year that I started this blog.

When I began it I obviously hoped it would find a readership. But oh boy have my hopes been met and exceeded.  The blog’s amassed a greater number of hits than I could ever have dreamt of  –  18, 843 people worldwide so far. I imagine that at least SOME of that number have come to it because they want to rather than just stumbling upon it in WordPress reader.

So from my early postings the blog has gone from strength to strength surprising me all the time. Not only has the blog been looked at many, many times it has received a wonderfully positive response. Some of the comments and interactions are recorded for posterity here. 

As I explained in Some blurb about this Swindon blog, one of the chief drivers for setting it up was a ‘reply’ to the drip, drip, drip of negative commentary that Swindon seems perpetually to be on the receiving end of. And I really don’t understand why. The way people speak, both those who’ve never been here and some who were born here, you’d get the impression that Swindon is the ONLY town in the land that has destroyed interesting and attractive buildings, replacing them with concrete. Yes, that has tragically happened but Swindon is hardly the only town guilty of that. As the name of this blog suggests, I’m not a native Swindonian. I’ve seen some very unattractive places in my time and trust me, Swindon is not one of them. Many of the towns and cities around here that are lauded as being attractive – well they too have their grotty, seedy sides. Everywhere does. Just get the train into Bristol Temple Meads and there’s a stonking great example of concrete grot dominating the skyline for a start.  So Swindonians – stop believing the bad publicity this town gets. It has much to offer and much of which you can be proud! Here endeth the lesson.

Some of the things I’ve written about on here have been used in my travel writing coursework at university. I have done guide-book entries for the Magic Roundabout and the West Swindon sculpture trail – both of which I absolutely love. I also wrote a travelogue piece based on the West Swindon sculpture trail.  I’ve certainly challenged the prejudices of my university lecturers with my writings about the town.

Anyway, to all of you who have looked at the blog, read some of the 182 posts I’ve published so far, and engaged with it either here or on its Facebook page or my Twitter stream – Thank you! Very, very much! 🙂 And please – keep reading! 🙂



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