To  take a break from studying I’ve been lately been having a wander around Grange Park, where I live, and Freshbrook which is close by. And because I was wandering for its own sake, just to get some fresh air, stretch my legs and have a break from my screen, rather than purposefully traversing from A to B, I took the time to take a few snaps round and about. Round where I live it is so very, very green and leafy. Lots of foot/cycle paths bordered with hedgerows, copses and dotted with open spaces and childrens’ play parks. It is not an unpleasant place to live for sure.

On some of my wanderings I went down Tallis Walk which opens out onto Kiln Park, once the site of a Roman brickworks I believe. I also went around Freshbrook, the village centre there being the home of ‘Nexus’ – a recently revamped bit of public art on the West Swindon Sculpture trail. 

The Ramblers society have some information on walking in Swindon.

Here’s a map of the walk I broadly followed when I took these pictures.

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