“Artsite is an artist led group and has studios and a gallery complex in Theatre Square Swindon. They are developing a creative hub in Number Nine, with a variety of workshops, events and Handmade Swindon.”  For more information see their website.

I’ve posted about Artsite on here before but here’s another, albeit largely pictorial post, about the group as I was in there (in the large   shed building with the butterflies on it) to have a look round today being the first day of the “Artsite Associate Artists Spring Exhibition”. It runs until the 19th April, Monday to Saturday 11 am to 4pm so there’s plenty of time to pop in and have a look. There’s some lovely stuff – if I only had walls and space, on and in, which to install some pieces! I can dream eh?

Vicky Silver, one of the doyennes of the set-up was kind enough to give me a little tour of some of the studios – 15 in all I recall – in what used to be a post office. Evidence of which can still be seen – see the pictures below. One of my favourite pieces was the chair or throne? I absolutely loved it but I my picture, quickly snapped on my phone, doesn’t do it justice. I really, really want that piece! But anyway, don’t take my word for it, pop in and see for yourself. What with this and the Old Town gardens artists group  and the recent temporary Second Mouth  project, there is just so much artistic activity going on in Swindon. Not forgetting of course Swindon’s mural man, amongst other things of course, Ken White.

I really must start carrying my camera around with me. These are taken with my phone and they won’t always come up bigger? I dunno why. It’s beyond me. Iny my defence I hadn’t planned to go in there today – I just happened to be passing. But anyway, they give a flavour.



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