Now I’m no artist myself. I’ve never been able to draw anything other than the gallows in a game of hangman. And now, with an arthritic right thumb, it’s hard going to write my name and address down. Nor do I profess to know anything about art. I just know there’s some things I like and some things I don’t. Despite my failings in the artistic arena I’m hugely impressed by all the art activity that goes on here in Swindon. Of course there’s the fabulous art collection owned by the town,which can be seen on a rotational basis in the Museum and Art gallery in Old Town. Then of course we have Ken White, well-known for his murals and paintings of the town’s industrial past. All of which would be wonderful in itself. But it isn’t. There’s so much more than that going on.

I recently published a guest post by Caroline Day – Twitter @Carolinerday – all about the Old Town gardens artist group the members of which produce a variety of art work inspired by our lovely Old Town gardens. Then there’s the Swindon Artists Forum, a group of local artists who sell their art in the gallery and shop at 21 The Plaza, in the Brunel Centre. A percentage of the commission from their sales is donated to the Prospect Hospice in Wroughton.  But there’s more.

Now we have a guest post from yet another artists group in Swindon, called Second Mouth which is, as it says on Total Swindon, a: “A pop-up gallery in Swindon’s Brunel Centre, which will host a different exhibition every week during its seven week stint, as well as a series of fascinating live events. The gallery, which is the brainchild of Swindon College students Ella May, Jake Stark and Beatrice Mar, will be home to four resident artists to work and react to the space at Second Mouth.” 

Below is more about the work of the group from one of its members – a fantastic initiative I’m sure you’ll agree.

The idea for Second Mouth all started when we were discussing the number of artists and arty things in Swindon that are all very disparate. We wanted to set something up that would not only showcase our own work but bring together creative people in the wider community.

We are a group of students and graduates of the Fine Art BA and MA at Swindon College. We have also been joined by two Illustrators from Swindon College. We all work and exhibit in the space and welcome every creative person to come in and join us!

We opened on the 6th February and close on the 23rd March. We change the exhibition every week and open our doors Thursday- Sunday. Among others, our events include a series of Friday night events running from 5.30-7pm. These range from experimental drawing nights to discussions on the senses. This week’s Friday event (7th March) will see a games night, with a range of board and card games to join in with, this event is free and welcome to all.

We will also run a clothed life drawing session from 1.30pm-2.30pm Monday 10th March. All welcome. £2 donation.

This week’s exhibition is an open exhibition called Within. Without. We sent out an open call online and to those we spoke to in the gallery, and we were overwhelmed by the response. There is a great range of media and techniques in this show and we were all very excited to open up to the public. The response so far has been fantastic and we look forward to more conversations with the public about the varying artworks. This show is on until Sunday 9th March.

Keep up to date with events and exhibitions at, and on Twitter: @thesecondmouth. Or pop into the Brunel Centre!

Inside Brunel shopping centre, first floor, 40 Brunel Arcade. Opposite Sasco’s cafe.

Open Thursday-Sunday 11-5.30pm, Sunday 11-4.30pm”

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