This is just by way of a ‘shout-out’. I will make a visit to the museum as soon as I can and do a ‘proper’ blog post. But for now there’s this – just so this information is on here. The images say all that’s required for now. It really is quite astonishing that: “Swindon’s remarkable art collection now has a reputation as one of the best of British 20th Century Art outside London. It was established by local benefactor, H J P Bomford, during 1944 from a generous donation of works”.

Oh – actually – a very interesting young man by the name of Salvador wrote a delightful guest post for this blog some time ago about the things he likes about the museum.

Here’s the council’s website.  And Swindon does Arts.  Because Swindon does have theatre and the arts.

The museum on Twitter: @MuseumandArt and Facebook.

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