Saturday 8th February

Mr Love & Justice: Swindon based acoustic folk/pop band fronted by singer-songwriter Steve Cox.

Rumour Shed: Purveyors of fine acoustic, bittersweet, hush-voiced loveliness since 2010.

Talk in Code: Talk In Code are back and better than ever with fresh songs and a brand new lineup!

National Library Day flyer

National Library Day flyer

Mosh pits? Music? In a library? Yes. You heard it right. Today is National Libraries day and in honour of the occasion public libraries up and down the land have been up to all sorts of things. And Swindon’s central library, as you can see from the image on the left, put on a free live acoustic music set in the Chapters cafe area over the lunchtime period.  What a superb idea!

To be honest I went with one purpose in mind which was to get some photographs of Talk in Code about whom I had previously posted. Of the other bands that were on, I had heard of Rumour Shed but knew nothing about them and Mr Love & Justice, whose set I came in just at the end of. Talk in Code on Twitter: @talkincodeband

According to @RumourShed Twitter feed they are: ‘Purveyors of fine acoustic, bittersweet, hush-voiced loveliness since 2010.’ I’m no music expert so I won’t do any sort of critique except to say I enjoyed them very much and it was great to see some different instruments – a cello and a double bass I think – but don’t quote me – like I say, I know nowt about music. Here be their website.

Apropos Mr Love & Justice, as I say I arrived at the end of their set so can’t say much about them – but what I did catch I certainly liked. Anyway here, for your delectation and deliberation, is their web presence.  Of course you can follow them on Twitter: @mrlovejustice.

But I just want to say to Colin of the Central library – it was absolutely great. What a terrific idea. Well done – I’m so glad I popped in.

A few photos – apologies to Mr Love & Justice for not having any of them:

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