I’ve mentioned on this blog more than once that Swindon IS the world capital of poetry.  I’m sure you’ve all been wondering just how that can be so. And if you haven’t – why on earth not? Anyway – follow the link to the blogpsot of Domestic Cherry and find out: Domestic Cherry: Poetry Capital. To whet your appetite here’s an extract:

Poetry Capital

Swindon is twinned with Ocotal but it is also tenuously half-rhymed with Chicago.
Swindon is challenging global poetry inequality.
Swindon Zoo contains the last known thesaurus in captivity.
All our pavements rhyme.
There is irony in our skyscrapers.
Swindon has more imaginary buildings than anywhere else in the world.
Work will soon commence on the Oasis Leisure Centre to create the Swindon Poetry Dome.

Domestic Cherry is: “a pair of Swindon writers, Hilda Sheehan & Michael Scott. They seek to fuse poetry, music and art to transform the Swindon townscape (and anywhere else they might get invited) with all kinds of culture; blurring them into everyday life. They believe the creativity of most people can be accessed via their roving interactive revolution; seizing a power through poetry, conversation and general messing about. Bravo! they declare. To hell with convention and the Kingdom of Dullness! They aim to create and construct an eternal festival of poetic foolery and fun on buses, in town centres and anywhere the unsuspecting public might be caught unawares.”

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