Mosaic lady at Artsite

Mosaic lady at Artsite

Just a quick link to: Handmade Swindon – Regent Circus Window Display « Artsite Ltd.

“This week at Handmade Swindon, we continued to get into the festive spirit by creating a winter themed display in the windows that face onto Regent Circus. The display was created with the help of Handmade Swindon artists. Please stop by to visit the shop anytime on Wednesday to Saturday between 11 and 6pm. Or browse our window displays at anytime, Number Nine Gallery, Theatre Square.”

Yet another example of how Swindon does the arts and has a thriving arts scene. Which needs to be ‘scene’ to be believed!

But of course, Artsite and Handmade is not just for Christmas. As their website explains: “Artsite is a registered charity and voluntary organisation which depends upon the input and support of its members. Artsite exists to encourage the practice of art through education, provision of resource and peer support. We are committed to providing access to these services to anyone who shows an interest, especially those living in the Swindon area.  Artsite works in partnership with Swindon Borough Council through the Swindon Does Arts initiative to further the cultural life of the town.”

I took the picture of the mosaic lady earlier in the summer. Sadly, the next time I was passing that way she had been vandalised. I hope she will be back in situ soon. I thought she was lovely.

Saturday Nov 30th 2013

I visited Artsite this afternoon and took a few pictures. Here they are:

Saturday 14th December

Image of article about Artsite in today’s Western Daily Press:

Tuesday 31st December 2013

An article in today’s Swindon Advertiser about Artsite:

“Ask anyone at Artsite’s Post-modern Gallery, in Theatre Square, and they will tell you.

The charity, a collective of artists who all volunteer to run the gallery and studio space, hold regular exhibitions of work by local artists from college students to established exhibitors and it has a waiting list of budding creators vying for a studio to call their own.

Tucked away behind the Wyvern theatre, the gallery is a bit of a hidden gem but there is hope the Regent’s Circus development will bring a greater footfall.

Volunteer exhibitions co-ordinator Vicky Silver, a co-founder of Artsite in 2000, explains the ethos behind its formation was to give local artists an outlet and studio space to allow their creativity to flourish …”  Follow the link for the rest of the article.

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