Swindon Viewpoint 40th Anniversary Grand Benefit Concert.

Swindon Viewpoint,  about whom I have blogged more than once on Born again Swindonian, is 40 years old this year. And, as we all know, 40 is the new 30 – hence there are going to be big celebrations. Follow the link above to Swindon Link magazine’s article about the benefit concert. It promises to be a good ‘do’.

“For four decades the cultural life of Swindon has been documented and archived by a team of hardy souls who are committed to capturing the life of the town on tape (and other more current technical methods).

The music and arts scene particularly has benefited from their work; as gigs, festivals and events have all been captured for posterity and are now available to view on the internet – establishing a fantastic and unique record of the creative history of the town … Swindon’s renowned artist Ken White – who designed posters for music gigs in the 70s and 80s – has provided publicity design … “

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