Just a picture gallery of the West Swindon sculpture tour. But don’t rely on these – go and visit them for yourself!

Here is a link to a map of the trail.

A good starting point for this tour is the Link Centre. The upside down Cassandra is no longer there but you can still see the mural commemorating Swindon’s twinning with Nicauraga.

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On from the Link Centre, the next port of call is Shaw Ridge Leisure park where you will find the larger-than life statue of Diana Dors,  the homage to the larger-than-life actress born in Swindon. Situated, appropriately enough, outside the cinema.

Now, not many minutes walk from the cinema, up onto the green open spaces of Shaw Ridge, you will come to ‘How the Mighty Fall’ and close by it the outdoor gym equipment.

Further meanderings around bits of West Swindon I had no idea existed brought us to ‘White Horse Pacified’. This sculpture would be striking if only had some TLC! As it is..welll…

Next up, the tour takes you to ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ – a fabulous representation of the nursery rhyme, prominently situated in a front garden in The Prinnells.

A bit more trekking and you get to ‘Nexus’ at Freshbrook Village centre.

Another village centre, another sculpture. This time ‘The Watchers’ at Toothill.

Then, last but by no means least, before returning to the start point at the Link Centre, you will see Looking to the Future.

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