Retro Roadsigns in and around Swindonmostly

A largely pictorial post featuring various Retro Swindon roadsigns. Some are in Swindon and some are somewhat further afield.

I’ve featured them here for not much other reason than that they have lasted this long and it feels like a nice thing to have some pictures of them here. Seems like a good enough excuse to me.

Swindon signs: 

Here are some Swindon signs from various points in and around the town. In no particular order there is:  

County Road, new and one rather rusty and forlorn old one.
The old milestone to Semington that lives on Canal walk.
And a nice snowy one in Upper Stratton. A very old post on the road from Commonhead to Coate, and a lovely traditional one between Hinton Parva and Bishopstone.

Retro Swindon Roadsigns

2017 update: The County Road sign above got a refurb. See here:


I simply adore this Walcot sign – not sure why. It’s so very retro and a bit Fawlty Towers.

Okay then – so who remember furlongs and yards? I can just about remember furlongs in the measurement table in my school exercise books. Along with Pecks and Bushels … anyway – here is a fabulous old milestone in the Savernake Forest, Marlborough.

This lovely old beauty is on the old Marlborough rd near The Spotted Cow:

Some signs from roads between Slough and London: 

A lovely old one in Langley near Slough with Hyde Park on it…1741.

The other one is on the old A4 at Slough….the A 4 is an ancient thoroughfare once the main route from the west to London long before the M4 was built.

2020 update

Returning to Swindon another milestone that I saw for the first time in recent weeks when wandering round West Swindon on one of my Covid-19 constitutionals.

This is one is in West Swindon and is now set into the wall above an underpass – I’m not sure I can quite remember where now. I wasn’t going anywhere in particular when I chanced upon it.

Retro Swindon Roadsigns - milestone in underpass bridge in West Swinodn

On a similar theme see also:

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