Tempus fugit!

“Tick. Tick. Tick. 
This is the sound of your life running out.” 
― Anonymous

A wee post about Swindon’s Jubilee clock.  Moved from its original town centre home, it now resides outside Swindon’s railway station.

The Jubilee clock Swindon Station

The Jubilee clock Swindon Station

Designed by Edwin Wright and made by the Cumbrian Clock company it didn’t thrill everyone when it was first installed in the town centre in 2002/3.

It was much derided for never working well – which is not unreasonable but I always liked it. More to the point I liked it in that position far more than than the water feature that superseded it. While it sits well in its new home on the railway station forecourt I did think it look good on the crossroads of Swindon’s pedestrianised centre – it allowed you to look in all four directions easily whereas the water-feature sort of ‘clutters’ it up. I don’t dislike the thing per se – just not there.  But hey, that’s just my opinion…

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