Swindon poetry festival road sign

Swindon poetry festival road sign

Update: 28th June 2016


From Domestic Cherry: http://domesticcherry.blogspot.co.uk/p/poetry-capital.html



Swindon is twinned with Ocotal but it is also tenuously half-rhymed with Chicago.

Swindon is challenging global poetry inequality.

Swindon Zoo contains the last known thesaurus in captivity.

All our pavements rhyme.

There is irony in our skyscrapers.

Swindon has more imaginary buildings than anywhere else in the world.

Work will soon commence on the Oasis Leisure Centre to create the Swindon Poetry Dome.

Poetry books are secretly making love in Waterstones and are about to multiply.

Claire Trevien writes ‘Swindon’ with her red pen with a heart above the I!

Swindon supermarkets stock alphabet spaghetti that pours out in sonnets.

In Swindon, people are throwing poetry to the ducks.

Real ale might have dried up at Archers but real poems haven’t.

T Shirts are available in all poetic forms.

Poetry pan pipes are being played in Superdrug.

Our clouds move in iambic pentameter.

All poems fly here for the winter.

Carol Ann Duffy once read her poems here and may do so again.

The bust of Virginia Woolf in the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery reads silently out loud at poetry open mic.

The position of the hole in the ozone layer above Swindon means that poems are automatically shared with the universe.

You can recycle your boring poems in a box at Asda North Swindon.

Poetry spawn is waterfalling down the steps at Brunel Plaza.

Most poets have Swindon as a backdrop to all their dreams.

We, the undersigned, declare Swindon to be the poetry capital of the world at 15:03, 18/10/2011

Mabel Watson – AKA Hilda Sheehan
Barry Dicks – aka – Michael Scott
Fenella Louini – AKA Louisa Davison of Festival Chronicles: https://festivalchronicle.com

We take our inspiration from the Christmas lights of the 2008 Magic Roundabout Christmas tree.

8th September 2013

As Swindon’s 2013 poetry festival and its accompanying poetry bus hurtle towards us once more, it’s timely to point out that Swindon IS the poetry capital of the world. Self-styled possibly but indisputable. The Poetry festival was conceived last year as a smaller sibling of the long standing festival of literature – events past and forthcoming can be read about in the Festival Chronicle – this year’s festival launch event is on-line now.

But remember that a poet isn’t just for Christmas but is a creature in need of love and attention all year round.  There’s a thriving poetry scene in Swindon around the seasons not just at festival time, with Micheal Scott and Hilda Sheehan arguably being the doyennes.  🙂 Check out the links below to find out more about what they get up to – poetically and otherwise.

Poetic links:





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