….to me at any rate.

Yesterday (Sunday 21st June 2013)myself and couple of friends went out on an EXPOTITION: we set out on a walk – this walk to be exact – a circular route beginning and ending at Croft Leisure centre and taking in Croft Wood, Wichelstowe Canal and Town Gardens.

It’s a lovely walk and I hope to write more about it in a separate post but for now I’m hoping you people out there can tell me something about the art works we came across on the old railway path and I’m guessing there’s a clue there.  Suffice it to say that the blurb on the walk makes no mention of the art to be seen on the route, which seems a pity. Anyway…we only saw two of them – there’s a picture of part of one of them on the blog’s Facebook page  I have  managed to find this much – but yep – essentially: who? – what? – why? and when?  I find them strangely haunting I must say.

There are five wheels, from the Old Town direction towards the railway and Wootton Bassett Road they are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Conceive. Each wheel has two parts, a small wheel showing the Element, and a large wheel with a short piece of poetry. In addition, there is a length of wood crossing the path between each of the wheel pairs. Each of these lengths of wood has two words written on them.

AIR: On hot places behind your knees On high downs a ghost is growing. Depth & disquiet.

EARTH: Our wheels relinquish and seize, relinquish and seize….Curious tenderness..second word obscured

Fire: Pistons swell and shine, days are like face, Steam pumps the sky, this one this…Extinguished – the second word is hidden

WATER:  The stream fills a cut, Swills and wave, A new start, gravel and laughter, tick tock on the rim – the two words on the sleeper are not visible

CONCEIVE:  Stepping out, out of character, You interrogate, A chaos of bearings, Where is the unknown journeyman with his bag of fives, his measuring rod and chisel?  Hand & Eye

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