A young and glamorous Diana Dors.

A young and glamorous Diana Dors.

Public art in Swindon: Diana Dors

Sculpture of Diana Dors

Diana Dors silhouette - sculpture diana dors

Here’s a map of the entire West Swindon Sculpture trail: https://swindonian.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/The-Sculpture-Tour-West-Swindon.pdf

Via this blog I’m intending to do a tour of the many sculptures that Swindon is home to.  Number 2 (B) in the series, this post features Britain’s own blonde bombshell, the larger-than-life Diana Dors, a daughter of Swindon immortalized in statue form outside the cinema at Shaw Ridge, West Swindon.

Being of a certain age I remember watching old black and white films starring Diana. I also have stronger memories of her being the lead in ‘Queenie’s Castle’ a British sitcom set in early 1970s Leeds, West Yorkshire that aired on ITV from 1970 to 1972. Little did I know then, that one day I would be living in the town that is her birthplace and, better still, be in striking distance of a cinema (Shaw Ridge, West Swindon) that is home to a statue of the town’s famous daughter.

If you want to know more about the divine Diana, aka Diana Mary Fluck, you could do worse than visit the official website: http://www.dianadors.co.uk

‘I’m the kind of girl that things naturally happen to. When they don’t, I give them a push’.

NB: Diana Dors has an alter ego as Lola Vavoom in the stupendously surreal parallel universe created by the author Jasper Fforde in his Thursday Next novels.  In his 7 Wonders of Swindon she is W0nder No 5.

And here’s me on a slide near ‘How the Mighty Fall’:

Born again Swindonian on a slide

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