… No, not the Brazilian capital city (I only wish) but the restaurant in Swindon.

I went there last night with a couple of friends to try out their all you can eat Rodizio; It was delicious.

I have in the past bemoaned the fact that the eating establishments in Swindon consisted only of curry houses, Chinese and Italian. However in recent times that has, much to my delight, certainly changed: one of the more recent additions being this Rio Brazilian eatery.

As their website says: ‘Rio restaurant is a small family run restaurant where we aim to provide the highest quality food from our home country, Traditional Meat, Fish and tapas style dishes are served by our friendly staff who are only more than happy to help. With a relax atmosphere you can listen to traditional Brazilian music and comfortably enjoy a fantastic dinner with your friends and family.’ http://www.rioswindon.co.uk. Like so many of us these days they are also on Facebook so you can check ’em out there: https://www.facebook.com/rio.swindon –

Anyway, back to the meat! As I say, the Rodizio was amazing – but then I do love my meat.  It’s done in two sittings: 6-8pm and 8-10pm. They, the staff, come round with all manner of meat on skewers and slice off what you require for as long as you require it. You get a flag/indicator gizmo on your table which you set to green when you require a top up and red when you don’t. Simples! To be honest though it didn’t seem to matter what we did with it – the meat just kept on coming. Not that I’m complaining – not a bit of it. 🙂

There is also an extensive buffet of rice, bean stew, chicken portions and all manner of salad stuff to accompany the meat. For the sake of form and a nod to ingesting some fibre I took a small selection from this. That consumed, I settled in to eat my body weight in various cuts of beef, spicy chicken skewers and even chicken hearts – which I can assure you were yummy.

Along with the Rodizio we had two bottles of house white, one soft drink and one dessert and it came out at approx £30 a person. So not cheap, cheap  and certainly not something I can regularly do on a student income, but for everything that we had, I reckon really good value. The food is certainly excellent and the service is very friendly too.

NB: I’ve also eaten here on non-Rodizio evenings (they only do that on Thursday nights) and enjoyed a great steak.

So, whilst this place wouldn’t be the destination of choice for the vegetarian, for the carnivores out there it is definitely well worth a visit. Enjoy!   🙂