Finding self and community in Swindon

finding self and community in swindon - Rock cafe St John's Church

14th November 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Over the last few weeks and months I’ve shared on here experiences of, and reflections about, Swindon from friends and clients. They’re all under the Switch on to Swindon category on this blog: This one comes from Catherine Attewell who wears another hat as Catherine Jay

The Thistle Express in Swindon

Thistle Express Swindon

12th November 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] The Thistle Express Swindon About a month ago I posted this blog about the launch of the Thistle Express on Fleming Way in Swindon: But I’ve now had a chance to spend a night there so can share my impressions of the Thistle Express Swindon with