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While I am of course the self-proclaimed premier blogger of Swindon, said with tongue planted firmly in cheek, there are many other wonderful, more subject specific blogs. Here’s just some that I know of:

Swindon Artswords  – @swindonartsword

Why read? Swindon Artswords is about a programme of literature development activities in Swindon. It runs from Lower Shaw Farm and is linked to Swindon Borough Council’s Swindon libraries service.

Swindon artswords

Swindon Open Studios – @swindonopen

Why read? For an overview of the Swindon Open Studio’s events. These take place in the first two weekends of September every year.

 Swindon arts blog – @swindonartsblog

 I just LOVE the strapline on this blog: ‘Swindon arts blog: living in an unexpected creative hotspot…’  Because yep, it is. And that’s something I’ve worked hard to convey in Born again Swindonian.

Friends of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery: Friends of SM&AG work to help Swindon Museum and Art Gallery in conserving and adding to the collection.

Moving on to history now we have two splendid historical blogs both from the pen of Frances Bevan. Frances is one of the town’s fabulous historians. Together with Graham Carter and Mark Sutton she is part of the splendicious Swindon Heritage Magazine.   @FrancesBevan &  

The Swindon Heritage magazine has its own blog on their website: http://www.swindonheritage.com

Good Gentlewoman For all there is to know about the St John (Lydiard House) Ladies and the people whose lives they touched.

Swindon in the Past Lane (nice pun – love a good pun)

Why read? For historical stories and fab photos from all eras of Swindon life.

Swindon at War

Dear George

Status, Scandal and subterfuge: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the lives and loves of the inhabitants of Lydiard House.

Bites and Bottles – @BitesnBottles 

http://www.littlemisscakemaker.com/blog – Why read? Well for all sorts of irresistible, cakey loveliness of course!


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