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Being all over social media like a nasty rash I have a presence on several platforms both for Born again Swindonian and my other hat: AA Editorial Services. So if you’d care to follow me on Twitter, follow my Google+ pages, connect on Facebook, like my pictures on Instagram or pin me on Pinterest you’ll find links below. There’s surely a platform near you! 🙂

You can find me on Twitter @Anjelica1956 and Instagram as amaatk123.

The blog has a Facebook page where you will find links to what’s on the blog and much more Swindon stuff besides. Born again Swindonian is on Google+

It’s also on  YouTube:  – in addition  – Pinterest:

In yet another guise I run a proofreading and copywriting business called AA Editorial Services. You can find out more about that here: and here:

AA Editorial Services also has the ubiquitous Google+ and YouTube channels and you can find them here:



and not forgetting:

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