Swindon Hypnotherapist presents work to Canadian Conference

Helen Breward presenting at the Canadian conference

Swindon Hypnotherapist has Canadian Conference Mesmerized Swindon-based hypnotherapist Helen Breward recently presented her groundbreaking work on relieving women’s menopause symptoms to the Canadian Hypnosis Conference. Held in Burlington, just outside Toronto, the conference was well attended by hypnotherapists from Canada, America and the UK. The conference saw around 50 speakers,

The Menopause: a hot topic

16th October 2016 Helen Breward, Pebbles Hypnotherapy, is a Swindon (and Royal Wooten Bassett) based clinical hypnotherapist. She’s been trialling hypnosis techniques to help women with their menopause symptoms – notably hot flushes and night sweats. Alison, one of her clients, has shared her story. The Menopause: a hot topic