Swindon 200

Swindon 200 logo

1st April 2017 Swindon 200 Doing exactly what it describes – this post is to give you all a heads-up about the Swindon 200 ‘thing’. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, the best way to give a flavour of what this is about is to give you links to Facebook and

The Compassionate Friends

25th February 2017 The Compassionate Friends On a recent Wednesday morning session on the Girls about Town show on Swindon 105.5 I met a lovely lady called Margaret. Margaret came into the show to talk to us about an organisation that she’s involved with called The Compassionate Friends.  So what/who

Swindon International Women’s Day 2017

IWD Swindon logo

24th February 2017 Amplify your voice with IWD Swindon International Women’s Day in Swindon. Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iwdswindon/?fref=ts And Twitter: @iwdswindon What’s it  all about? From their website: ‘It’s simple! International Women’s Day Swindon brings together women and girls from all backgrounds. We honour their contributions in Arts & Culture, Businesses,

Swindon Town Team

virtual shop frontage in Swindon

6th February 2017 Swindon Town Team: partnership project Town centre regeneration No listeners – it’s nothing to do with the football team! Let’s get that one out of the way for a start. While there’s no denying that there’s some rum stuff going on in Swindon – thinking of the

Snowdrops and soup at TWIGS

Single snowdrop

29th January 2017 Snowdrops and soup at TWIGS Snowdrops: theirs is a fragile but hardy celebration … in the very teeth of winter. Louise Wilder An event coming up to warm the cockles of your heart and wrap a warm embrace round your belly: Snowdrops and Soup at Twigs Community

Christchurch gin tasting evening

28th January 2017 Christchurch Gin Tasting Evening ‘Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine’ – Casablanca I won’t lie listeners – Christchurch in Old Town strikes me as an unlikely Gin joint – it being a God joint.  But hey