applause arts centre

9th January 2017 Put your hands together please Applause sculpture at Swindon Arts Centre These are dark days in Swindon. What with the Health Hydro hullabaloo ( the fire at the agricultural museum up at Coate Water there’s much to be concerned about. And then there’s the libraries, parishing, the

A ram but no ham

Ram sculpture front view

3rd January 2017 Ram sculpture in Swindon’s Old Town But why no pig? When I mention RAM dear listeners I speak not of Random Access Memory a la computer land but of the ram sculpture that resides in Swindon’s Old Town. I get that, as this article – –  by

Going off the rails

wrought iron railings

26th June 2016 It’s the rail thing Swindon Town Hall Railings Oh listeners. I AM ashamed. All the years I’ve been in Swindon and have walked past the town hall – now the home of Swindon Dance – I’ve never noticed the Swindon town hall railings and how beautiful they

Happy Feet!

metal art on fence at royal mail office

21st May Not being a driver I don’t generally get to the  Royal Mail sorting office out at Dorcan. But recently I was there with someone else and was pleasantly surprised to see this artwork on the perimeter fence. Now I’ve searched and searched on Google for some more information