People of Swindon

If you are a Twitter user you may well be familiar with the People of Swindon account. The account is administered by Mark Foyle and he has kindly written a few lines to explain all about it. I particularly enjoyed his speculations about what Brunel or Richard Jefferies would have

Fan mail!

16th February 2014 Since beginning this blog it/I/me/we have amassed a variety of compliments and comments. So, just so they are recorded somewhere as much as anything, I’ve collected them together here. They are in no particular order – just a random record.  And, if nothing else it shows I

Richard Jefferies – Swindon born writer of ‘Post-apocalyptic fiction’ – amongst other things…

The Richard Jefferies museum at Coate is yet another one of those things/places I’ve always been meaning to do but have never got round to. I confess I knew little or nothing about him other than that he was, in his day, a well-known writer from Swindon. Which is a bit