Some Mothers do ‘ave ’em

Some Mothers do ave em

23 January 2018 [jetpack_subscription_form] Some Mothers do ‘ave ’em or a Comedy of Errors! ‘This is going to be interesting’ I thought. ‘How on earth are they going to translate a much-loved show that featured broad, large-scale physical comedy (think the nativity play and the roller skating scene) to a

Swindon celebrities get knitted

Swindon celebrities get knitted

20th February 2018 [jetpack_subscription_form] Swindon celebrities get knitted If you’re in the vicinity of Stitch ‘n’ bitch ladies you’ll hear the click clack click of knitting needles as they get to work on their latest project aimed at raising funds for Swindon Mind. What they’re creating is a knitted art installation

The Swindon Recital Series

Swindon Recital Series

9th February 2018 [jetpack_subscription_form] The Swindon Recital Series Not infrequently, and always on social media, is heard the cry ‘There’s no culture in Swindon’ and words to that effect. I have NEVER understood this attitude. There’s more culture and creativity in Swindon than you can shake a Doric column at.

Swindon Library Local Studies

Swindon library local studies

31st January 2018 [jetpack_subscription_form] Swindon Library Local Studies Hello dear listeners. I hope you’re well. It’s struck me that, aside from a post the other day about volunteers for the Citizen’s advice centre, I’ve been a bit lax about posting on here this month. What can I say? I’m busy! Busy

The Phoenix Players

Phoenix players - The Lady Killers

19th January 2018 [jetpack_subscription_form] The Phoenix Players Well dear listeners. Earlier this week, Swindon Old Town Rotary kindly invited me along to one of their breakfast meetings to talk to them about this here blog and related matters. They are a jolly friendly bunch of people so despite public speaking