The Children’s Fete 2017

Children's fete organisers

9th July 2107 [jetpack_subscription_form] The Children’s Fete 2017: a few photographs Hello listeners. I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunny weather. I certainly have. I LIVE for this time of year. It was great though that it was such a lovely day yesterday for the Children’s Fete 2017. Visit the

Volunteers needed for the children’s fete

The Children's Fete - volunteers needed for childrens fete

25th June 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Volunteers needed for the children’s fete The Children’s Fete Saturday 8th July 2017 The Mechanics’ Institution Trust is planning the 2017 Children’s Fete after last year’s successful 150th anniversary celebration.  Can you help? The Children’s fete needs volunteers to make it happen!   For background to the Children’s

Swindon Civic Day 2107

Swindon civic day - Tapestry depicting the railway village key buildings

18th June 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Swindon Civic Day 2107 Hello listeners. So yesterday, in my Swindon Civic Voice hat, I was busy down at the central community centre. The erstwhile GWR medical fund hospital was the hub of Swindon’s civic day celebrations and the great get together to commemorate Jo Cox

Civic Day 2017

Civic Day 2017 - logos for SCV and MIT

4th June 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Civic Day 2o17 Saturday June 17th is Civic Day 2017 Soon it’s Civic Day 2017! Read all about it here on the Swindon Civic Voice website: See the Facebook event. Join us for national ‘Civic Day’ on Saturday 17th June from 11am – 4pm. This year

The Children’s Fete

The Children's Fete - volunteers needed for childrens fete

01/07/2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] The children’s Fete Saturday 8th July from 12pm to 8pm As it says on the Mechanics’ Institute Trust website: ‘The Children’s Fete is Swindon’s oldest summer event, dating back to 1866. Organised by the Mechanics’ Institution, it ran until 1939 with the outbreak of the Second World War. The tradition

Via Buzzfeed: 24 Things That Aren’t Completely Awful About Swindon

Art deco diving platform - great things about swindon

28th April 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Via Buzzfeed: 24 Things That Aren’t Completely Awful About Swindon or Put another way: Great Things about Swindon Hello listeners. In case you’ve missed it on social media this post is mainly a share of a Buzzfeed article with the snappy title: 24 Things That Aren’t Completely

Lights, camera, action!

central community centre cinema

16th April [jetpack_subscription_form] Cinema at Central Community Centre A brand new Community Cinema for Swindon! So last Saturday listeners I went to a most splendid thing: Cinema at the Central Community Centre. This being the launch event it was a free ‘do’. Subsequent showings will have a charge but a

Public art needs you!

applause arts centre

[jetpack_subscription_form] Public art needs you!  OOOHHH. Listeners. This is interesting! Creative Wiltshire are running a project to ‘locate, record and photograph public art, namely artwork made by an artist, arts practitioner or craftsperson and located in publicly accessible spaces and places in Wiltshire.’ A call for volunteers… ‘We need the