Going Wild for the Swindon Wildcats

Business Village and the Swindon Wildcats ice hockey team

6th April 2017 Going Wild for the Swindon Wildcats: a purrfectly good evening https://www.facebook.com/swindon.wildcats/ Twitter: @SwinWildcats Well! Here’s a how-do-you do listeners! A post in the ‘This sporting life’ section of the blog. And, even more bizarrely, written by moi. Who’d a thunk it? I put that category on the blog

Presenting: Brand ‘You’

Presenting you flyer

5th April 2017  Presenting Brand ‘You’ A workshop presented by Lis McDermott – the Headshot Diva http://www.lismcdermottphotography.net http://headshotdiva.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/LisMcD/ A workshop that looks at you, the brand that is YOU, from the inside out rather than the outside in. Arguably the subject of this post is aimed at business people