The Children’s Fete



The children’s Fete

Saturday 8th July from 12pm to 8pm

The Children's Fete

As it says on the Mechanics’ Institute Trust website:

‘The Children’s Fete is Swindon’s oldest summer event, dating back to 1866. Organised by the Mechanics’ Institution, it ran until 1939 with the outbreak of the Second World War. The tradition was revived by the Mechanics’ Institution Trust in 2003 and has run since.

The most popular tradition was the cutting of the cake, a tradition which the Trust still maintains by providing a free piece of cake to all children on the day.

The event has become a popular and recognisable part of Swindon’s calendar once again.’

In 2106, as part of Swindon’s 175 Celebrations, the MIT staged an AWESOME Children’s Fete

And they want to stage it again this year – 2017. But they need your help.  This is taken from the Facebook event:

‘After a very special 150th Anniversary event in 2016, which coincided with the 175th Anniversary of ‘New Swindon’ and had over 8,000 people attending, the Mechanics’ Institution Trust, Swindon is pleased to announce that Swindon’s oldest community and cultural event is taking place again for 2017!

‘A Community Celebration of Swindon’s Culture & Heritage’

Saturday 8th July from 12pm to 8pm

The event will take place in the GWR Park on Faringdon Road where various amusements will take place for the entertainment of young and old.

Circus entertainment by Falding’s Fandangos
Arts and Crafts by Artsite Kidz
Dance from the Global Group of Unity
Live Music by Swindon Shuffle


Cake will be given out to the children and refreshments provided at moderate charges.

This is a FREE town-wide event for all ages… Please share this with your friends and family.’

Dig deep

As I’m sure you can imagine fetes like this cost a lot of money to put on. This year they need £15,000. 8-10,00 people attended last year’s. If everyone one of those people donated just £1 that would go a long way. £2 each and job done!  Or if only 500 people give £10 each that’s also job done.

Here’s the link to the fundraising page:

‘Why we need funding!

It’s important that this event is free to attend so that children from all backgrounds can enjoy this town-wide celebration, therefore we can’t rely on ticket sales to cover our costs.

Costs of holding the event (things like toilets, security, insurance, first aid cover etc) have gone up significantly in recent years meaning the event now costs thousands of pounds every year to take place.  We’ve were fortunate in receiving a grant from the Big Lottery last year which covered most of the main costs, but we are unable to apply two years running. ‘


After last year’s fete one little boy said it had been the best day of his life! How fantastic is that?

So please, help make the 2017 children’s fete the best day of another child’s life and contribute was you can. As a well-known supermarket says: ‘Every little helps.’