Presenting: Brand ‘You’

5th April 2017


 Presenting Brand ‘You’

A workshop presented by Lis McDermott – the Headshot Diva

A workshop that looks at you, the brand that is YOU, from the inside out rather than the outside in.

workshop presenting brand you

Arguably the subject of this post is aimed at business people – for the most part at least. Certainly that’s how Lis – the lady running the workshop pitches it. And with good reason.

But, that said, people in the corporate world may benefit from this. Or if you are involved in a charity of some kind that takes you to networking and fundraising events. Perhaps there’s something here for you too?

First up – the practicalities:

When is it? It’s on May 15th, 9 – 4

Where is it: It’s at the Jurys Inn Swindon. It includes lunch and free parking.  Did someone mention the ‘L’ word?

How can I book onto it? By following the Eventbrite link here:

Okay. Having got the housekeeping out of the way – what’s it all about?

Consider these questions?:

  • Do you get nervous at the thought of walking into a room full of strangers, knowing that you have to network and be at your very best you?
  • Are you filled with dread at the thought of having to deliver a 1-minute pitch?
  • Do you dislike your photo being taken? Do you always try to position yourself to the back of the group shot?
  • Are you confident in the clothes you choose to represent ‘brand you’? **

** In the post ‘Why you are what you wear and why it matters’ I write about the importance of knowing your wow colours and your style personality.

This workshop is all about YOU. It’s about how you present yourself and your brand. 

Note: It’s not a branding workshop in the strict sense. And the small group size is to allow for discussion throughout the day.

Aims of the day:

This day is all about enabling you. Enabling you to:

  • Present the best ‘brand you’ possible for your business.
  • Be confident in a range of public business situations
  • Be prepared to be captured on camera at business events rather than being camera shy

The day’s sessions:

  • What is brand you?
  • Why is it important for you to physically present your brand well?
  • Occasions where you have to present yourself in business
  • How the brain affects and influences our behaviour
  • Making an entrance
  • Best face forward – (all attendees will receive a digital headshot from this session)
  • How to dress for ‘brand you’ – led by Guest Speaker (Annabel Cyzba on this workshop)
  • Standing out from the rest – how to pose with confidence

What do you need to bring to the event?

Not much really. Your smartphone and a pen – workbooks are provided. And a pair of shoes with heels. Not vertiginous stilettos – kitten heels will do. And a willingness to embrace your inner ‘you’ I guess.

At this point you might be thinking to yourself ‘well, this sounds all very fine but who is Lis McDermot and what does she know about it?’  It’s a fair enough question.  So, in Lis’ own words:

‘Why me?

I’ve had experience of photographing over 90 weddings and countless business events.  And I’ve noticed, time and time again, that people don’t know how to present themselves in front of the camera.

When I attend network meetings I meet some souls who are soooo nervous and clearly are finding it difficult.

Before becoming a photographer I spent 34 years in education. During the last 20 of those I was often developing and leading workshops for teachers, head teachers and students. 

It’s my wish to use the skills gained and honed during that time of my life to empower women in their businesses.’

What the papers say – well not the papers exactly but previous attendees:

“Wow!  The photography-related session was awesome. Loved the interactive sessions, group exercises, workbook and opportunities for the participation of the delegates”.  Wendy Ismail, Revetir

“Good mix of theory, practice and application to business.  The small group size allowed honesty and openness in discussion which is important to gain most from the day”.  Janet Israel, Health Screening Today

 “Thought provoking with lots of interaction with the group. Very knowledgeable on subject: so interesting.  I really enjoyed the practical side of the photography session and will definitely be practising how to stand for future photographs.”  Francesca Newell, Seven Hills Hideaway

So grab the kitten heels and follow this link to book on:


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