No Surprises Living in Devizes: Swindon is _________

10th October 2016


Magic roundabout mosaic

Magic roundabout mosaic

Hello Listeners

Basically what we have here is a share of an article posted and distributed by my good friend Index Wiltshire:

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It’s penned by Darren Morrow who writes about Devizes for Index Wiltshire in a regular column called ‘No surprises living in Devizes’.

I’m a bit of a fan of Darren’s writing. He’s very droll I must say and does make me giggle.

So I enjoyed his latest offering about Swindon a lot. Yeah it’s TIC. Yes it’s very wry and a little bit mocking. But it’s ultimately an affectionate homage to Swindon.

He has some kind words to say about STEAM museum:

‘… Shopping is its magnetism, but I was massively impressed with Steam; a fantastic interactive museum of the town’s heritage. My son loved the customary displays maybe more than the Lego exhibits, and what impressed me was the ex-railway-worker curator’s first-hand knowledge about the trains. It’s a far cry from the tiny railway museum of yore. Here’s a town which constantly tries to improve, and all it gets is slammed by outsiders for it…’

And this:

‘People from other towns should snatch a leaf out of Swindonians book of pride, and also support its big bro, visit the attractions rather than nipping into Greenbridge Retail “Park” for a new laptop and buggering off again.

So I declare; people of Swindon do not be convinced by the nation’s stigma against you. Never wallow in your town, hoping for escape or else supplying the critics with ammo by causing wrongdoing and upset for your fellow Swindonians. Stand proud, warble “Cos we want to” loudly from the highest pig hill and use the Swindon Exclamation Mark in boundless excess!!!!!!’ 

And if you want to know what all the exclamation marks are in aid of – well read the rest of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Darren. It makes a pleasant change!

No Surprises Living in Devizes: Swindon is _________






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