Light pictures in GWR Workers’ tunnel

18th March 2016


GWR Workers’ Tunnel

Public art with a railway theme

Light installations at Swindon's railway quarter - gwr workers tunnel

As I’ve mentioned on here just once or twice before dear listeners, Swindon enjoys a great deal of public art – much of which I’ve written about here:

So I was really quite delighted when I chanced upon the light pictures/sculptures featured in this post.

They are in the GWR Workers’ tunnel which links the town with the Outlet Centre.  See also:

I first noticed this public art installation a while back – though not as far back as their actual installation which was 2012. It’s not a route I take overly frequently so it was some time before I ‘discovered’ them.

I think they’re rather cool and do add some interest to an otherwise rather dingy and unprepossessing underpass.

When I look at them I think of the men and women across the years who used that tunnel to get to and from their work ‘inside’ as working in the GWR Works was referred to. And as the Swindon Advertiser article says – they don’t half add some interest to a dark passage. Ooh er missus!

‘RAILWAY workers past and present are lighting up a dark underpass as part of artwork unveiled yesterday.’ 

Ten workers are pictured in the green metal light sculptures, which are in the Great Western underpass between the Railway Village and Swindon Designer Outlet.’ 

As you walk through the tunnel towards the town centre this is the order in which they appear – I think …

The artist responsible, Bruce Williams, said:

‘The characters you can see would probably have used the route under the tracks themselves on their way to and from work.

“These are regular men and women, who worked on the trains in war and in peace time, come rain or shine. There are riveters, train drivers and look-out people.

“On the opposite walls in gleaming letters read the words Swindon Works, which is the name of the site but could also read as a hopeful slogan for the future.’


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