10 October 2015

gibson's signage

Hello listeners! I’ve been ‘discovering’ again. This time a new bar on Victoria Hill in Old Town by the name of Gibson’s.  That’s not Gibson as in the guitar but Gibson’s the bar. That said patently there’s an interest in music as there are guitars on the wall – though I didn’t notice a Gibson Les Paul about the place.

I was trotting up Vic Hill the other day in the pouring rain and spotted this place out of the corner of my eye. “Oooh” I thought, “that looks new and interesting” so I was pleased to get the chance to pop in the other night for a drink.

The place is very cosy and welcoming as indeed are Mein Host and Mrs Mein Host.

I understand the plan is to do Greek type meze before too long but that’s quite there yet. The drink prices seem to be reasonable enough anyway and they’ve got 4X on so that’s a plus point for a start eh?

Their Facebook page:


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