Apple Day 2015 in the Secret Garden

4th October 2015

Pressing on in the Secret Garden

Oh. I ‘d rather hoped that Apple Day was some old pagan thing. But apparently not. Boo!

According to the Common Ground website Apple day was launched in 1990 the intention being to: “create a calendar custom, an autumn holiday.

From the start, Apple Day was intended to be both a celebration and a demonstration of the variety we are in danger of losing, not simply in apples, but in the richness and diversity of landscape, ecology and culture too. It has also played a part in raising awareness in the provenance and traceability of food.”

How very disappointing I must say. HOWEVER what was far from disappointing was yesterday’s Apple Day festivities in Swindon’s Secret Garden tucked away in Queen’s Park.

Visiting the secret garden is akin to buses it seems. I don’t go to it in twenty years and then twice in the space of a few weeks.

I wasn’t able to stay too long yesterday as I’d got other places to be sadly – but I was able to be there long enough to chat to a few people, including Swindon Civic Voice and the lovely Amanda Adams from Incredible Edible Swindon

I also got to see some of the Bang to Rites drumming action – LOVE a bit of drumming and percussion. I’m a big fan of Swindon Samba too. And the show STOMP.

Circle Cider

And I made a discovery. Well something that was new to me at least. We have cider made in these here parts. Who knew? Well plenty of people I think – just not me. Circle cider is Swindon’s only craft cider producer.

They’ve produced a cider called Roundabout which, rather wonderfully and appropriately, has a stylised version of the Magic Roundabout on its labelling. It’s described as: ‘A medium sweet cider created from the apples round and about swindon, either picked by ourselves or swapped with local reisdents.  This cider is smooth and enjoyed chilled.’

And now for some photographs. Amazingly for me they are largely in focus. Whoo hoo! And that metal sculpture in front of the pond – what is it? It reminds of a lobster with leprosy or some such… 😉


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