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9th January 2017 Put your hands together please These are dark days in Swindon. What with the Health Hydro hullabaloo ( the fire at the agricultural museum up at Coate Water there’s much to be concerned about. And then there’s the libraries, parishing, the tented market – a seemingly endless

A ram but no ham

Ram sculpture front view

3rd January 2017 But why no pig? When I mention RAM dear listeners I speak not of Random Access Memory a la computer land but of the ram sculpture that resides in Old Town. I get that, as this article – –  by Barry Leighton in the Swindon Advertiser posits,

He’s behind you!

Cinderella at the wyvern in swindon

14th December Cinderella at the Wyvern Theatre  Sat 10th December 2016-Sunday 8th January 2017 Join the conversation on Twitter #SwinPanto A rags to riches story 10 days to Christmas, a theatre full of excited children and the exclamation ‘He’s behind you!’ can mean only one thing: the panto season is in

Original Art Print Salutes C-130 Operations, Partnership

12th December 2016 Original Art Print Salutes C-130 Operations, Partnership Okay listeners – here’s a link to a press release from Lockheed Martin: – Now before you start to wonder why I’m putting this on a Swindon-Centric blog there’s a good reason: David Bent – a Swindon resident for some 20 year