Swindon Arts Centre: 60 years

sculpture of hands clapping

18th August 2016 Applause! Hello listeners. A quick share of another blog post pointed out to me on social media just this morning. Doing what it’s title says it’s an overview of 60 yrs of  Swindon Arts Centre. I’m not entirely sure who’s behind it but it’s a lovely blog

Central Community Centre

Lunch and coffee club

16th August 2016 I recently had a chat with Michael Scott, the newly installed community development officer for our town’s central area and there’ll be more on that another time. But for now a quick shout out for some of the activities at the Community Centre: https://www.facebook.com/swindonccc/ Lunch and Coffee Club

Death Cafe

12th August 2106 Last year I published the post linked to below. It’s about a friend and fellow business owner Susan Holden and her Grief Recovery service. http://lossandgriefrecovery.co.uk/about-us/ Since then Sue has branched out. She’s now a qualified funeral celebrant. And, linking to that, she is running a Death Cafe at

The Secret Garden needs you!

The Secret Garden logo

5th August 2016 Why did the mushroom go to the disco? Cos he was a FUNgi…! Okay! To the point – the wonderful Secret Garden people need your help.  Contact: queensparksecretgarden@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/secretgardenswindon/ Telephone (old school I know!): Paul: 07454 736769 or Kathryn: 07976 463314 Read about Incredible Edible Swindon here: http://swindonian.me/2014/08/31/incredible-edible-swindon/